The Company

 I-Tech S.r.l. is an Italian company based in Sassuolo that for more than twenty years has offered a range of technologies and solutions useful for the preparation and "in-plant" handling of liquid products such as glazes, engobes, inks, colors and paints for traditional decoration and digital. I-Tech's goal is to continuously improve and innovate the environments and working conditions of its customers through the most innovative and cutting-edge systems to create new business models by implementing the efficiency and quality of the systems. of its customers. Designated by the Ministry of Economic Development as an Innovative SME, thanks to constant Research and Development, the company now boasts a presence in over 40 countries around the world in various industrial sectors such as ceramics, paints for industry, packaging, textile, leather finishing and more. Automation, interconnection and reporting are the three cornerstones of the company which are represented by its innovative and cutting-edge products and their various applications including dosing, filling, grinding, stirring, transfer, storage and dispersion of liquids. The ability to monitor the entire production cycle through constant reporting and process data analysis, even remotely, therefore allows companies to be transformed into Smart Industry. The company focus, in fact, is not only the design of plants but also the internal development of MES / SCADA software for the management, supervision and analysis of the entire production cycle by interconnecting the various IT, management and logistic systems with all the others. machines of the production cycle. Today I-Tech also develops innovative artificial vision systems based on artificial neural networks applied to quality control processes after ceramic decoration to check graphic or mechanical defects related to the geometry, shape, color or printing of tiles and large slabs also for very high production rates to guarantee its customers an ever-increasing quality of the finished product.

The Products


I-Tech represents the excellence of Made in Italy as our high-level of products industrialization is given by the constant craftsmanship of detail. The manufacturing excellence of our products is manifested through their uniqueness which therefore distinguishes the company from its competitors.





Understanding all the I-TECH machines and systems’ services is the first step to make the most of all the products’ advantages and features. For this reason, we offer our customers the possibility to take part to advanced post-sales training courses.


Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

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Machinery for special industries (tools in general, Machinery for the ceramics and marble processing i

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