The Company

Toschi was founded in 1945 from a "spiritosa" idea from the two brothers Giancarlo and Lanfranco Toschi: by putting cherries in sprit, they could be enjoyed not only in June but also throughout the year.Intuition, natural resources and experience have allowed Toschi to become a brand, which is recognised and sold in more than 45 Countries around the world.

The Products

Over the years, the company has widened its product range from Cherries to Concentrated Syrups, Fruit in Syrup and Fruit-flavoured Liqueurs and Candies with great economic results. Considerable investments have led Toschi to this success: the purchase of the vinegar producer "La Maiolica" at the beginning of 1998 and the creation of "Toschi la Gelateria" line of semi-worked products for Ice-cream parlours and Cake shops.Technological innovation, investments in Reserch and development, and the ISO 9002 certification, are today considered not so much targets as starting points for the successes of the year 2000.

Sales Network

The sales manegmet of Toschi is the following: 5 Area Manager and 88 agents who operates through a number of channels: BAR-HORECA with a complete range from Liqueurs, Syrups,Spirits for mixing, to "sugarville" Cane Sugar, just a part of a long list. RETAIL, "high class" products such as the Kristal Line Frutta Spiritosa reserves of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. BIG DISTRIBUTION, with several different lines, such as the new "Modi" concentrated syrups in 740g bottles, Sugarville Can sugar and Fruit Liqueurs.

Production Sector


Business activity

Fruit and vegetables and their derivates, Liqueurs, Various products (desserts, tea, honey, potato cri

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