The Company

We are a typical Emilia-Romagna firm, established in 1996 and grown up in the World cradle of mechanical and mechatronics industry, between Modena, Bologna, Fiorano and Maranello.

We belong to this land and culture with full title for history, competences, and quality approach


Excellence in the realization of custom made robotic solutions

In over twenty years of history, we have cooperated with the local World famous excellence firms, developing together and in synergy: prototypes, machines, automation systems for several industries, installation, and custom made robotic islands.


All the above allows us to be a flexible integrator and to implement ideas into tangible solutions.

Our availability and ductile approach will allow our staff to be integrated in your work flows at every level of an innovation path , starting from your product till the prefixed objective.

The Products


In the food industry, unlike other sectors, many activities and works are still done manually by humans

Thanks to the continuous improving of the sophistication of vision processes, sensor recognition, and the fine applied manipulation, robots are becoming popular, in addition with the safe operation of Cobots, it becomes viable to use them for doing unhealthy and dangerous operations for humans


Our robotics, can find wide use in several applications:

  • food-stuff processing lines;
  • loading/un-loading of furnaces/kilns/stoves
  • automation and processing lines for dairy products
  • end of line automations, cartoning/canning lines for meat processing plants
  • loading/unloading of refrigeration storages

Automazioni industriali, robot e cobot su misura per linee ed impianti del settore alimentare.


Sales Network

Tecno-Pro s.r.l.

Via Monchio, 34 – 41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO) – Italy
Tel. +39 0536-070931
Fax +39 0536-070933
GPS coordinates 44.558537N 10.824248E


Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Lifts, conveyors, cranes, elevators, internal auto

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