The Company

Established at the end of 1989 as the Italian branch of Fast Electronic, Techne Srl focuses its activities on the security software industry and, in 1990, began distributing Hardlock hardware systems for the protection of software against unauthorised copying. Over the years, following the evolution of Fast Electronic, Techne has extended its area of business to include the real-time video signal integration market, presenting the first PC and Mac board and, at the same time. strengthening its position in the security industry thanks to the ongoing presentation of new Hardlock models: HL-Server, for the protection of network applications, HL-Internal, double ISA-MCA comb internal key, HL-Crypt for the automatic cryptography of executables and data files, HL-PCMCIA for notebooks.

The Products

SOFTWARE PROTECTION:· eSafe · eToken · ASE · Hardlock · EGG NSA · Kaspersky Anti Virus · Innitor · SignAll · Blancco

Sales Network

Together with its products, Techne Security provides a broad range of before and after-sales services, thereby offering its partners adequate support for the successful integration of the distributed products in their applications; all this thanks to a free phone service, hot-line and BBS service and a constantly updated website. The endeavours of Techne Security are not only directed to its customers: software houses, system integrators, companies, universities, public administrations, state bodies, but also to end users, who are provided with regularly updated information able to foster market awareness on security-related problems. Thanks to the experience acquired following over three million Hardlock protections distributed around the world, over two hundred and fifty thousand of which delivered in Italy, Techne Security puts its confidence in concepts such as flexibility, versatility and security culture, especially necessary at this time of fast expansion of communication via Internet with all the data protection problems this entails.

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Office and calculation machinery and printers

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