The Company

SITMA, established in 1965, has focused its activity in the development of machines and systems for the automation of the mailing rooms of newspapers, magazines, catalogues, direct mailing etc..SITMA today is the world leader in printed media distribution systems and thanks to a highly specialized staff is continuously researching innovative solutions to satisfy the different Customers' requirements.

The Products

SITMA’S PRODUCTION INCLUDES: - A wide range of wrapping machines for general packaging applications. - High-speed automatic wrapping lines using plastic film and paper for magazines, newspapers, catalogues, books and mailing up to 20.000 copies per hour. - Piling and compensating counter/stackers. - High speed automatic inserting lines. - Automatic bundle wrappers for piles of magazines, books, newspapers, etc. - Automatic four side sealing machines. - Hopper loaders for signatures. - Labeling machines for computer labels. - Ink-jet addressing systems. - Accumulators, bends, flow directors, shunters. - Complete systems for the automation of the mailing rooms for newspapers and magazines. - Optical code readers for selective inserts, postal sorting and many other applications. - Feeders for gadget. - A wide range of feeders for commercial products, stitched and perfect bound magazines, catalogues and newspapers. The most important titles of foreign and national newspapers as well as a large part of weekly periodicals are wrapped, addressed and delivered to the subscribers or to the final selling points by using the technology developed by SITMA.

Sales Network

In 1979, by opening of a sister Company in France and in 1980 in the United States, along with the support of network of agents that cover most of the worldwide Countries, SITMA has increased its dedication to the export market. On December 1999, SITMA has opened a new subsidiary Company in Tokyo - Japan. Our own production is exported to the five continents with a clear predominance for the more industrialized Countries, and this once again outlines that our technology is appreciated in Europe as well as in North America, Japan and Australasia.

Foreign Countries

SITMA France 
603 Rue du Maréchal Juin  - Z.I. Melun-Vaux le Pénil B.P. 28
Tel + 33 01 6483 5353
web:    -                            


7-5-47, Akasaka, Minato-Ku
TOKYO 107-0052
Tel + 81 3 5575 3113

45 Empire Drive
ST. PAUL, MN 55103
United States of America 
Tel + 1 651 222 2324

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Machinery for paper and print, parts of the same, , Packaging machinery and parts of the same

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