The Company

<b>CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT SINCE 1975</b> Siri is a reality on the market since 1975. In its factories in Modena produces equipment for the construction and installation of ceramic tiles such as cutters, floor machine, battipiastrelle, trays for cleaning, spacers, and all the accessories for the fitter. Thanks to continuous investment in technologies and experiments, SIRI has received several quality brands to ensure high reliability of its products. The range SIRI is in fact appreciated in the Italian market and on international markets for advanced technological level and the professionalism. SIRI is Member of the Consortium EXPO-MODENA.

The Products

The SIRI is a leading manufacturer of tile spacers, mixers, single-disc machines and all accessories for the laying of tiles. The main products are listed below: Cleaning kit cutters and sponges Spacers cutters SIRI Accessories Installation Mobile cutters Cutters bridge construction special Cutters maxibrushing mixers Expansion joints and profiles Diamond blades Beat Tiles

Sales Network

S.I.R.I. SRL Via Raimondo della Costa 44/46 41122 Modena ( MO ) Sales Office : info@siri.mo.it Foreign Office : export@siri.mo.it Purchasing Dept : acquisti@siri.mo.it

Production Sector

Construction and civil engineering, ceramic and non-metallic products

Business activity

Constructions and building and large civil works

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