The Company

When the young tiler Werner Schlüter found himself having to install tiles in a bathroom with five doors, he had the idea of the edge-protecting profile that marked the start of a success story without equal. But people are not born inventors! Inventors are people with a lot of practical experience. Successful ideas are very often the result of extensive experience and a good dose of creative capacity. At the same time, they reflect the age in which they come to light. Today, this man's name is also that of a brand and of a company of international renown. We believe inventions help make life easier. The Schlüter-SCHIENE profile was the first in a long series of products developed by our company over the past three decades. From its foundation to the present, the chief goal we have pursued has remained the same: to make life easier for all those who work in the field of tile coverings, from the installer to the manufacturer, right up to the designer.

The Products

Edge-protecting profiles Schlüter-SCHIENE, Schlüter-RENO, Schlüter-DECODecorative edge-protecting profiles Schlüter-RONDEC, Schlüter-DESIGNLINE, Schlüter-JOLLY, Schlüter-ECK, Schlüter-REMAStair nosing profiles Schlüter-TREPExpansion and structural joints Schlüter-DILEXWaterproofing and uncoupling membranes Schlüter-DITRA, Schlüter-KERDIComponents for balconies and terraces Schlüter-BARA, Schlüter-TROBA, Schlüter-BARINInsulating panels Schlüter-BEKOTEC

Sales Network

Schlüter-System has contacts throughout the world, through direct branch offices and dealers. If you would like to receive further details, please contact our Export Dept.. We should be pleased to answer all your requests. If your country is not included on the list, please send an e-mail to See: http//

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Metal fixtures

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