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Scaglietti S.r.l. was founded in 2000 by two brothers - Simone and Matteo Scaglietti, grandsons of Sergio, the famous Modenese coachbuilder - with the intent of developing the family business specialised in the production of herbal remedies, widening the range of products, and intensifying its marketing efforts in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.“We use nature as our raw material”In ancient times, plants provided man with what are currently called beauty aids, such as creams, powders, tinctures, oil, essences, and other preparations designed to keep your body clean and to maintain its beauty.A distributor of phytocosmetics, Scaglietti S.r.l. relies on two modern, certified laboratories based in Modena for the production of its own lines of products. The experience acquired by these laboratories is a guarantee that the strict quality standards imposed by the market and by laws in force are met.The numbers speak for themselves: people in Italy and elsewhere are becoming increasingly demanding with regards to beauty treatment. They are no longer satisfied with an ordinary beauty product: today’s consumers prefer products that are also curative, chemical-free, that have not been tested on animals, and that are especially natural. This is why the current researches of the laboratories that Scaglietti S.r.l. turns to are focused on the progressive elimination of any chemical component in the preparations (such as the creation of perfumes exclusively using essential oils), with the aim of reducing the risk of allergies - increasingly common today - while ensuring the high quality of the components, in line with the criteria of phytocosmetics.

The Products

The ProductsThe Scaglietti company’s leading brands are:Fitness, a line of skin care products available in pharmacies Essenziale, phytopreparations suitable for all skin typesThe company has recently expanded its range of products, adding three new lines, which have already received positive feedback and appreciation from numerous customers:ELEUTHERA, high performance cosmetic treatment NICO-H, an efficient solution to hair loss Lapaciolo Line, new phytocosmetic novelty in the fight against acneThe keyword is “personalisation”Scaglietti S.r.l. is capable of offering personalised service, tailoring its products to meet the various needs of each single customer (beauty specialists, beauty institutes, wellness centres, spa centres, etc.) as much as possible. In addition, new, specific products have been developed with the cooperation of the current clientele, with each detail attentively studied in order to secure full final satisfaction.The herb parlourThe direct sales outlet of Scaglietti S.r.l. is located in Montale (Modena), in Via C. Colombo 14. Called “Il salotto delle erbe” (The herb parlour), this store is today a popular herbalist shop that carries the company’s classic product lines, as well as the following products: Astrum, Erbavita, “Il Profumo”, NATURSIMUL, Longlyfe, Enzimatic, Comes, and many more... In the herb parlour, you can find help and advice, with the competence and courtesy that have always distinguished the Scaglietti company.The presence at trade fairs, such as Exposalute, completes the picture of this company, which is always attentive to new market demands and customer needs.

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Scaglietti Srl Via Tagliamento, 6 41051 Castelnuovo Rangone (Mo) tel. 059 530625 fax 059 530625 e-mail:

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Chemical industry

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Herbalist, soap and products for cleaning and beauty

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