The Company

Sarmax is the result of twenty-five years of experience on the part of its founder members in the field of woodworking machinery. Over the course of recent years, the company has specialised in the production of machinery and plants for working wood frame sections.

The Products

The company manufactures in particular: - Preservative wood stain application machines for beams, planks and matchboards. -Drying systems for preservative wood stain elements. - Semi-finished product handling lines, linked to automation units. -Rusticating antiquing machines (one or more surfaces at the same time). -Beam sanding machines -Oil spraying machines for wood elements for floors.The component parts used on our machines are always top quality. The projects are designed and implemented with imagination and focus on the real operating requirements of customers. The new projects are tested and consolidated by means of experiments performed directly in the operating field on pilot installations. These enable us to continually upgrade and expand our products so as to provide customers with increasingly better product quality and more efficient service.

Sales Network

Our customers are companies that go from small family concerns with 2-3 operators to large multinationals with high production requirements. These include: -Wood roof, wood house, site and garden amenity manufacturers. -Manufacturers of more or less complex wooden structures. -Timber stores and retailers who supply or intend supplying products treated with preservative wood stain and/or brushed products.

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Woodworking machinery and parts of the same

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