The Company

The SAFIM company was set up in the 1976 to produce hydraulic brake control equipment for selfpropelled machines such as lift trucks and building and agricultural machinery. The aim of the SAFIM team is to construct adaptable components of the finest quality and to assist the customer in selecting the most suitable component and circuit for the application in question. The result of all this is the creation of a brake control system which is fully equipped and simpler to operate, more efficient and reliable and easier to service.

The Products

FLANGED MASTER CYLINDERS OR WITH SERVOThe SAFIM master cylinders are utilised for the braking of small and medium-self-moving machines. These master cylinders need to be supported by a hydraulic servo or directly operated by the push set in the piston.BRAKING SYSTEMS FOR AGRICULTURAL TRAILERSSAFIM brake valves for agricultural trailers are an integral part of the tractor’s hydraulic system and are governed by tractor braking pressure to ensure smooth, progressive trailer braking in perfect synchrony with tractor braking. These valves can be fitted to residual pressure type brake systems. Our trailer brake valves also comply with the NC341-01 Standard thus enabling Italian homologation of the braking system. We can also provide versions of these trailer braking cylinders to meet particular national standard specifications.BRAKE SYSTEM SAFIM S6 MODULAR AND COMPACTThe SAFIM S6 brake system has all brake valves and the pedal in a single, compact unit. The S6 is for use with hydraulic or mechanical brakes on medium and large sized vehicles as an alternative to more complex pneumatic and hydropneumatic system.PUMPS AND VALVESSAFIM also produces a vast range of equipment for brake systems. - Service/parking brake cylinders - Spring cylinders for negative brakes - Priority valves, 40 lt/min - Proportional valves for manually-operated negative brakes.

Sales Network

SAFIM, thanks to a strategic selling system, apart from in ITALY, distributes in :Svezia: HY-BROMS KB Norvegia: BOX 2041 HAMMARHAGSV. 12 Finlandia: NYNASHAMN SWEDEN - tel. 0046 8520 18030Danimarca HEDEN GAFFELTRUCK A/S ULDUM HEDEVEJ 8 DK-7171 ULDUM DENMARK tel. 0045 76 900900Francia S.A.M.I - 10 AV.DU QUEBEC-VILLEBON B.P. 528 COURTABOEUF CEDEX tel. 0033 164 466156Germania IOW RITTER GMBH TANNENSTR. 1 BOPPARD GERMANY tel. 0049 6742 5849Inghilterra PEAK TRANSMISSIONS U.2 TEMPLE NORMANTON BUSIN S41 OJS CORBRIGGS, CHESTERFIELD tel. 0044 1246 220552

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Pumps, Oleodynamic equipment, Valves and servo-val

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