The Company

Safila has been hand-crafting light fixtures and various interior lighting articles with careful attention to detail ever since 1956. Most of our articles are 24k gold-plated with original Murano glass, placing them in the medium-high bracket.

The Products

Manufacture and trading of stand lamps with halogen light and original Murano glass. Wall lamps with Murano glass and crystal. Ceiling amps with Murano crystal. Chandeliers made of 24k gold-plated brass with lacquered parts. Forged iron chandeliers and lamps with crystals aged in Murano. Nineteenth century style oil-lamps made of brass aged in Murano, with copper green colour decoration. Classic époque chandeliers and candleholders made of 24k gold-plated brass and bronze of 1000 silver-plated. Empire or modern style strass chandeliers with 24k gold-plated brass stand.

Sales Network

We currently export our products to various countries including: Saudi Arabia, Libya, France, Germany, Estonia, Switzerland and Malta.

Production Sector

Electronics, Electrics

Business activity

Electric and electronic components

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