The Company

SABA Automation Srl is an easy-to-work-with Italian machinery and system producer recognised throughout the world as a manufacturer of systems able to satisfy customer requirements with top-quality, reliable and safe products. The strength of the Saba Automation organisation very definitely lies in its long experience in the end-line sector; this allows providing the very best solutions for product and pallet handling, automatic packaging, palletizing, pallet wrapping and pallet make-up lines, special machines and technologies for logistics. The systems are designed and made to measure, according to requirements and to the space available in production departments. During all project rphases, a team of professional experts is at the Customer’s service, from the initial idea to the development of the project, through installation and after-sales service. Our 2000 sq m facility groups together designers, after-sales service engineers, administration, production and spares warehousing. SABA Automation operates in a range of different manufacturing sectors such as Tissue, Food, Beverage, Chemicals, Bricks, Glass, Wood, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

The Products

SABA AUTOMATION is a global supplier of automatic end-line systems for handling, palletizing, wrapping, pallet make-up, strapping, capping, hot-air shrink-wrap ovens, special machines, etc. Conveying systems: Pallet roller conveyor, Chain conveyor, Conveyor belt, Belt conveyor, Roller and chain bearing fifth wheel, 90° exchanger, Rail and ground shuttles. Packaging: Pallet capper, Shrink-wrap oven, Wide packaging machine, Horizontal and vertical strapping units, film wrappers, Box formers, Box closers, Cartoners Palletizing: Portal palletizer, Rail palletizer, Pallet unloader, Layer palletizer, Anthropomorphic robot, Tissue palletizing Special machines: Pallet freeing unit Wooden crate palletizer: Crate palletizing, Vertical crate stacker, Horizontal crate stacker

Sales Network

S.A.B.A.AUTOMATION SRL Via della fisica 23/25 41042 Spezzano di Fiorano Modenese (MO) ITALY tel. +39 0536 920907 fax +39 0536 927061

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Packaging machinery and parts of the same

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