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Pivetti Gomme is placed at the west side of Modena. It is possible to arrive at Bruciata from all the parts of the city. Pivetti Gomme has big areas for his store of new and used tyres. The customers can find all the solutions for their needings of road and agricultural employment. A lot of tyres from the lowest price to the high quality ones are available.TYRES STORE It is the most complete tyres store in Modena. We have a lot of very interested used tyres too. They are selected because the quality of the tyres is a very important parameter of sureness. We serve the customers with very much controlled tyres. Pivetti Gomme sells however mostly new tyres of all the marks of the World.

The Products

WORKS Pivetti Gomme is not only a trading factory of tyres. We have many very innovative equipments with which we operate to the whole car. Pivetti Gomme means quality both about the product and about the service. We can operate on every type of cars: recent and historical ones. The equipments of our property are supported by computer processing. The mixing among electronics, computers and laser gives a perfect condition to the car and to the tyres in order to have the best condition of sureness.CONVERGENCE AND BALANCING After having dismounted the tyres and before mounting the new ones, electronic systems are used for balancing and convergence. You can see better every parts clicking on the photo in order to increase them. Particularly our equipments have displays that show the result of the regulations. The car, after the regulations is delivered with a warranty of sureness and it is ready to run to its highest speed.OFFERS Pivetti Gomme cares the customer with special offers based on the content of the stock both used and new. You can freely choise among the models shown and use the order mask to buy through fax or Internet.CAR ACCESSORIES We also can offer to our customers a large range of car parts. Both acccessories and quality mechanical parts. Pivetti Gomme knows the needings of his customers thanking to many years of experience. We have selected a range of quality accessories like very nice personal wheel. Pivetti Gomme is not only tyres, but for example wheel in light alloy. A very complete range of very nice wheel in light alloy is disposable for our customers so that buying and mounting tyres and wheel can become a fully controlled operation. To choise Pivetti Gomme means to choise the ideal partner for himself and for his car, mostly for the price, for the quality, for the service.

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