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homemade production of gluten-free dried pasta

Cannot you eat foods with gluten? This does not mean you have to forgo the pleasure of a good Italian pasta dish with your friends!

Our gluten-free pasta, only made with rice and corn flours, is the result of a long mixing and a slow drying process that bring out and blend the flavors of the different sauces, so that it can be tasted by all members of the family not only by those with celiac disease.

It is a homemade product, made in full compliance with the rules of classical Italian tradition: after cooking it remains consistent, firm and elastic to satisfy even the most demanding consumers!

Our gluten-free pasta can be tasted by everyone because it is a product of excellent quality and flavor.


New ORGANIC gluten-free pasta!
Rice and Quinoa

ORGANIC gluten-free Pasta - Rice and Quinoa


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The pleasure of eating together
a good Italian gluten-free pasta dish.

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Milled cereal products (flour, pasta, rice, oats,

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