The Company

O.M.A. S.n.c. was founded in 1973 as a simple association of artisans, an initiative of the current members Candelletta Gino, Pivetti Allegro and Ferrari Maurizio. At that time the company objectives were tooling and boring. In 1984 the organization became a partnership and as such is still enrolled in the Register of Companies of Modena under no. 20757 and in the Rolls of Artisan Companies of the same province under no. 48144. The company’s activities have not changed since it was founded although they have increasingly expanded, the number of personnel and machinery gradually growing. Today, besides the partners, the company has 8 employees, all working in the Company. Moreover, the equipment includes, tangential and parallel drills, parallel and numerical control lathes, milling centers of which two fit with OMV numerical control units and, finally, boring machines: one horizontal S. Rocco boring machine, one vertical Sachman boring machine and one S.I.P. unit, all with measure display. The next unit will be a three-dimensional measurement machine which will let the company autonomously perform precise work, without requiring the services of third parties. In general, it is the customer who designs the specific tool although, upon request, this can be jobbed out to entrusted companies following Corporate specifications. O.M.A. headquarters are located in Modena, Zona Industriale Torrazzi, via J.F. Kennedy, 9 and the company is set up in two adjacent industrial sheds: one of 608 m2 and the other of 228 m2. In addition the company has an outdoor area of 700 m2. The offices and adjacent service facilities cover two floors for a total of approximately 80 m2.

The Products

The company can perform all sorts of customized works including: work on machines with numerical control, construction and installation of complete mechanical equipment and precision mechanical parts according to drawings and in small production lots. The primary corporate objective is precise, accurate execution of the Customer-commissioned works, achieving the specified degree of precision and using the most advanced equipment and technologies available to the company.The O.M.A. S.n.c. organization and resources are able to satisfy the most demanding customers and the company is proud to include COMAU S.p.A., NEW HOLLAND FIAT S.p.A., UNISTAND S.p.A., Vetr. Parm. BORMIOLI ROCCO S.p.a., FINCANTIERI S.p.A. and many other important companies among its clientele.

Sales Network

The sales and services network is handled directly by the three partners:1. Candelletta Gino 2. Pivetti Allegro 3. Ferrari Maurizio

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Metal fixtures

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