The Company

OFFICINE RONCAGLIA are the inventors, sole manufacturers and suppliers of flour milling plants featuring the integrated, internationally patented RONCAGLIA OPR Air-Sifter System, whose secret lies in eliminating expensive concrete structures and putting air to work in the entire processing of the product, the flour now being sieved by air under vacuum effect.

The Products

The O.P.R. range includes :- LINES FOR SOFT, HARD AND SEMI-HARD WHEAT (baking, confectionary, pasta, and biscuit flours) Series "STN" - LINES FOR DURUM WHEAT (semolinas for pasta, couscous, etc.) Series "SD" - LINES FOR MAIZE/CORN (flours, semolinas, grits for breweries and snack foods, germ) Series "HELIOS" - LINES FOR WHEAT-MAIZE/CORN (flours, semolinas, grits) Series "COMB" - LINES FOR RICE (flour, semolinas, grits)The soft and wheat lines can be used directly for rye and switched to sorghum / millet / barley by Special Decorticating Section (optional). The durum wheat lines can be easily switched to barley (semolinas / pasta, couscous). The maize/corn lines can be easily switched to sorghum / millet / rice The lines for wheat - maize / corn process, alternatively, both cereals, to obtain first quality flours/semolinas in the same combined plant. The rice lines can transform rice and rice brokens, the latter having a low economic value, into extra-fine, hi-value flours for baby foods/dietary foods. Furthermore, OFFICINE RONCAGLIA project and provide a global supply starting from grain silos and dryers to feed mills.

Sales Network

For information: OFFICINE RONCAGLIA S.p.A. Viale Reiter, 51/2 41100 MODENA - ITALY Tel: +39 59 218899-247000 Fax: +39 59 218820-218839 E-mail: Http:

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Food industry machinery and parts of the same

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