The Company

The company is placed in the neighbourhood of Modena and ut has been operating since almost fourthy years mainly in the design, manufacture and installation of: - incinerating kilns - termal plants, - termal paint stripping kilns, - precious metal particles salvaging systems, - cremators, - washbasins, - sterilizers and machines form the cleaning of the tools and accessories used in the food industries. All that according to the main ruling standard national an international. The company has its own technical and production departement able to design, carry aut the construction, the erection, the start up and the after sales assistance with direct personnel.

The Products

Our products are: - incinerating klins and complete incinerating plants for special waste as animal carcasses and waste from slaughter (RP, RCM, ROM, PIROSTATIC, PIROMIX). Fumes treatment systems are normally foreseen. - Paint stripping klins (PIROMAX) - klins for the recovery of precious metals from residues of the jewellery industries (CK partner) - cremators for human corpses (TRANSIT) - wash basins in stainless steel, sterilizers machines for the washing of work induments.

Sales Network

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Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Industrial furnaces and boilers

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