Officine Meschieri srl

The Company

Officine Meschieri srl has been producing foundry cores since 1976, initially using shell-moulding technology, then integrated by the cold-box, now completed by the most recent inorganic technology.

The dimension reached and our long history has confronted us with the most disparate experiences and problems, putting the acquired experience at the service of our. increasingly demanding customers

and gathering the skills of the main producers of raw materials who have a competent partner with us for the development of new products.

Officine Meschieri srl stands out for its innovative capacity of products and processes and for the empathy it manages to achieve with customers, often anticipating their needs.

Officine Meschieri srl has gone through easy and less easy times, the world crisis of 2008, the earthquake of 2012, the pandemic.

Nonetheless, we are proud to be able to state that, faithful to our philosophy of correctness, seriousness and collaboration, by sharing the difficulties with customers, suppliers and banking

institutions, we have always managed to recover and restart without taking certainly legal actions, but which would have created serious problems precisely to those who shared the problems

with us; unfortunately we cannot say that we have always received the same attention, but we will not change our philosophy for this.


Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Metallurgy products (ingots, etc.)

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