The Company

Each bag Nerocipria, drawn by the expert hands of our craft, born to entertain and surprise, proposing only Italian products unique and original that fit the occasion, mood and that evolve and transform following the changes of the occasions of fashion and life !

The Products

The company manufactures bags and fashion accessories for women. The attention to detail is as always one of the brand's strengths. In addition to the innovative fabrics in this collection are the addition of golden chains "necklace", used as shoulder straps, and leather wrist bands that wrap the arm as bracelets. Particular attention has been paid to the choice of puller: those leather to those with charms (keys, crosses, medals, coins ..) there's something for everyone!

With the new collection has expanded the line of shoppers; not only new fabrics and new materials, but also new forms for these practical bags that accompany us from morning to night. The quilted PVC makes then particularly resistant as well as aesthetically innovative. The perfect adventure companions for multitasking women who do not want to give up their femininity.

Also new to the clutch, now available in the maxi versions, classical, midi and mini! They were created with innovative materials, such as PVC tarpaulin paired with wool fabrics. The inclusion of external pockets and cuffs make them particularly refined and versatile; perfect for enhancing refined look or to give a touch of personality to the most classic.

Production Sector

Textile and Fashion Industry

Business activity

Leather garments, Hats, scarves, gloves and ties, Costume jewellery and haberdashery

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