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Located in the north of Italy, near Modena, Monolab factory belongs to an industrial district that is the center of automatic packaging machines greatest constructors. Its promoters long experience in packaging field allowed to develop innovative and excellent quality products, able to completely satisfy who realizes either small or medium-large productions. All of this is possible by the efficiency and reliability of the machines, that are internally projected and made, and even less by the flexibility of the production cycle. A qualified technical staff is able to advise and follow the customer in development of packaging new solutions and to supply an opportune and world-wide service.

The Products

HOT FORMING MACHINES - Horizontal Packaging Process: The working cycle developes on an horizontal plane that underlines the linearity and the versatility of this packaging solution. This simplicity of lines has different applicative potentialities, made possible by new technological and patended constructive solutions. - Feeders: The high versatility of this machine allows packaging of many different types of apparently incompatible products. Changing the feeder group only, basic machine is provided with connections able to fill boxes with different types of liquids, dense fluids or granular products at the same easy way the machine is able to fill blisters with capsules, tablets, etc. - Size-Changeover: Made by few elements, the size-changeover doesn’t require any adjustment or regulation or special fastening/clamping tools. This is a great advantage for who works for third parties or frequently needs to change kind of production. This can be referred to every processed material : PVC, PVDC, PET, PP, ALU... Size-changeover times are extremely short: a partial size-changeover takes 8 minutes while a complete size-changeover takes 14 minutes. - Advantages: Arm-type operating stations without supporting columns avoid every kind of contamination of packaging zone: this peculiarity makes the machine ideal for pharmaceutical and biomedical sector. Easy access to all machine components facilitates cleaning and maintenance operations. The size-changeover is very quick even with ALU-ALU moulds: a partial size-changeover takes 8 minutes while a complete size-changeover takes 14 minutes. This is possible by components which do not require adjustments, regulations or special fastening/clamping tools, but only an easy guided insertion. Different types of material can be processed on the same basic machine (even ALU-ALU), simply replacing moulds, without further technical devices. 25mm forming depth, suitable for packaging phials/ampoules, syringes, bottles, etc. High functionality has obtained thanks to the machine capacity to reach high speed and to its excellent operative flexibility.SERVICES MONOLAB is also a study and research partner for new packaging solutions and has a competitive inside technical office with the necessary capacities to quickly design and construct tools for every kind of existing thermoforming machine.

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