The Company

Mineral s.r.l. is a company working in the ceramic tile, sanitary ware, pottery and artistic ceramic field both as producer and as agent. Located in Formigine, in the heart of Italy’s ceramic tile industry, Mineral s.r.l. supplies raw materials for bodies, glazes and engobes, frits, colors and silk-screen printing. Mineral s.r.l. following the customer’s satisfaction aim, founds its philosophy on three essential concepts: - High quality raw materials; - Quality control on each product; - Research and development in lab of new products, new effects and new applications. Mineral s.r.l. to guarantee the best service to customers, shares in the management LRM Industria s.r.l. a laboratory of research and measurement, that produces also special enamels for tiles industry.

The Products

The range of our main products includes:-Calcined alumina -Alumina trihydrate -Tabular alumina -Clay -Bentonite -Kaolin -Chromite -Sodium feldspar -Potassium feldspar -Sodium-potassium feldspar -Magnesium carbonate -Magnesium aluminate -Olivine -Quartz -Feldspar sand -Zirconium oxide -Zirconium aluminateThe range of services offered include: -XRF quantity chemical analysis (8 elements) -XRD quality mineralogical analysis -LASER granulometric analysis -Plasticity analysis -Radioactivity -Investigation under optical and optical-fibre microscope and examination of surface defects -Analysis of abrasion resistance

Sales Network

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Production Sector

Construction and civil engineering, ceramic and non-metallic products

Business activity

Raw materials for ceramics

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