The Company

Menu’ srl is the forefront leader in the catering and food speciality sector for the restaurant and hotel trade with over 60 years of experience in the business. From sauces, condiments to mushrooms, antipasti, seasonings or dessert we only process the freshest ingredients, under the strictest production hygiene standards, offering chefs consistency and convenience of long shelf-life products. Our modern and responsive management allow us to monitor and follow market trends and revert with innovative and creative product proposals: - 30.000 outlets serviced only in Italy - Export to more than 20 countries - 160 distributors world-wide. - Since april 1999 MENU’ has been certified UNI EN ISO 9002Many products are on the list for a complete customer service, continuing proposals for the encounter of the evolution of tastes, still maintaining the manufacture’s high quality and security.The selling of products is effected through a net of 220 agents and MENU’, among the first in Italy, utilises ascetic sterilisation plants, therefore obtaining products whose freshness and quality are above comparison.

The Products

Menu’ is one of the top leader’s in the cattering industry, for its products in the restaurants world. Sauces, condiments, creams, mushrooms, starters, main courses, sweets and desserts. It has always developed new products with the ongoing change of flavours, time and trends, constantly maintaining the quality of the ingredients, production hygiene standard safety. Since the beginning, Menu’s philosophy has always been to interpret cuisine as an art and to recify the misinterpretation of the general public that deem canned products of a lower quality. Menu’ specialities are produced with no preservatives and additives, sterilised and subject to strict quality control checks; furthermore cooking after the seeming of the can, enhances flavours as per pressure cooking. The finest raw materials are sourced mainly from the productive EMILIA ROMAGNA countryside and other national and international markets. In the south of Italy, the Agribar association, experiments with new varieties of vegetables that will then be worked, transformed and tinned, ready to use. The manufacturing cycle reproduces the typical traditional home cuisine but utilising equipment to provide high capacity output and consistent quality. Menu’ recipes relate to traditional home cooking but at the same time proposing more refined and upmarket products. Menu’ is one of the top companies in Italy to be using aseptic sterilisation equipment which obtains the utmost quality and freshness of the products.

Sales Network

The company MENU’ with more than 200 workers, promotes its range of more than 250 products in Italy, through a net of 220 agents and is expanding its philosophy of the " Tipycal Italian Taste" in more than 25 countries through 160 distributors.Always looking at a complete information and developping of the Italian cooking, MENU’ offers a possibility to train in our school, local chefs and from all over the world, with a staff of five specialised chefs. Our staff is also available for exhibitions and demostrations world-wide.

Production Sector


Business activity

Fruit and vegetables and their derivates, Various products (desserts, tea, honey, potato cri

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