The Company

For over thirty years, MESCOLI CALDAIE has been manufacturing technologically-advanced steel boilers. In particular, ongoing research in the field of energy saving and protection of the environment has enabled MESCOLI CALDAIE to obtain prestigious international certifications regarding GASIFICATION AND INVERTED FLAME WOOD BOILERS. This technology permits obtaining high performances and very low pollution emissions.

The Products

GASELLE QUICK-UP: Gasification and inverted flame wood boilers in ASPIRATION. Over 90% thermal efficiency and totally environmental friendly. Large wood saving and extensive operating autonomy.TE2645 QUEEN: Gasification and inverted flame wood stoves. Heating and food cooking with two different operating programmes. The QUEEN cooking stove eliminates the drawbacks of traditional stoves and offers big advantages: reduced consumption, extensive autonomy, great temperature-adjustment precision.COOKING STOVES SERIES EMILIANA: TM2285 and TM24VF. Two 26 and 28 kW models with food oven and cooktop.DF and DFB MULTIFUEL BOILERS: Two energy sources like wood and gas or diesel fuel, alternatively or at the same time. This single compact boiler also produces hot water.GSAR SERIES HIGH-PERFORMANCE PRESSURISED STEEL BOILERS. For gas or diesel fuelled centralised systems.

Sales Network

MC S.R.L. Via del Commercio 285 41058 Vignola MO

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Electrics

Business activity

Industrial furnaces and boilers, Articles for plumbing and heating

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