The Company

In the worldwide context of motor vibrators, ITALVIBRAS is the unquestioned benchmark for all those using the vibration method in their production processes. ITALVIBRAS is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of motor vibrators. The consolidated experience gained in its ongoing development and the most complete range of products today on the market to satisfy the most varied needs, as well as the capability of handling and solving the most particular technical applications demanded by the clientele, are the basic prerogatives which make ITALVIBRAS the unquestioned super specialist in the sector. In the over thirty five years of carrying out our activity, the constant development - especially in the continual technological innovation of both product and production process - assures ITALVIBRAS an exponential growth on the world market. ITALVIBRAS is more than ever aware that optimisation of the business organisation is a basic element of all the processes which permeate corporate life. Coherent with this philosophy, ITALVIBRAS has applied all the necessary technologies for performance of the different managerial and operative sectors and for maximum automation of all the phases of the activities of each sector. With the aim of assuring excellent quality and reliability of the product, the mechanical and electrical work is carried out exclusively in-house. The latest-generation structure of the data processing centre together with the extremely sophisticated software, controls and drives all the management and control operations in the vertically-integrated planning and production sectors as well as the operating activities of the sales and administrative areas.

The Products

VIBRATORS - Electric vibrators for industrial use - Flanged electric vibrators - High-frequency electric vibratorsVARIABLE FREQUENCY POWER SUPPLIERS - Static frequency converters VIBRAVAR - MULTIVARVARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVING SYSTEMS

Sales Network

For information: ITALVIBRAS S.p.A. Via Puglia, 2/4 41049 Sassuolo (MO) - Italy Tel: +39 0536 804.634 Fax: +39 0536 804.720 E-mail: Http:

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Machinery for special industries (tools in general, Engines and turbines

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