The Company

Leader manufacturer of individual gas stoves, Italkero has implemented it’s range with a gas fireplace inserts, furniture gas stoves, patio heater with decorative effect. The offer of Italkero includes unit heaters for industrial use, evaporative cooler, wind blades systems, solar systems, radiant pipes (heating strips), residential air conditioning.

The Products

Gas stoves furniture STRATOS series, sealed chamber, forced combustion, with hot air flow from below, H. Output from 2.93 kW to 9.05 kW. Stoves gas range Echo and Poster series, sealed chamber, natural balanced flue and forced combustion, H. Output from 1.88 kW to 9.1 kW. Gas stoves furniture, sealed chamber, forced combustion, Faro model H. Output 5.9 kW and Fiammella H. Output 3.96 kW. Gas Fireplace inserts, sealed chamber, balanced flue or forced combustion, single and double sided, with H. Imput from 7 kW to 10 kW. Falò, patio heater with decorative effect with Output 8 kW and 12 kW. BIG-FOX, unit heaters from inside or outside installation, sealed chamber, premixed models, condensation models, radiant pipes (heating strips). Evaporative cooler for every room and for each industry, craft and trade. Solar panels and wind blades systems for electricity production.

Sales Network

Italkero products are sold by wholesalers of building materials and heating systems. The distribution takes place through a network of these agencies throughout the country, distributors are present in all countries of the European community and the rest of the world. For quotes and further information contact the office at the headquarters of Modena, phone +39 059 2550711. Italkero service network is composed by of over 400 authorized service centers.

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Electrics

Business activity

Industrial furnaces and boilers, Household appliances (ovens, freezers, TVs, video-

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