The Company

Our company’s skill in manufacturing fume extraction systems is based on over forty years of experience and research. The ITALFUM brand name was established in 1978 by a team of people who continue to work for the firm and who are conveying their enthusiasm for the job to a second generation ready to take up the challenges the future holds in store.

The Products

Italfum initially began making top-quality metal flue pipes at artisan level and has gradually developed its production until it now supplies global integrated modular systems on an industrial scale. And it is precisely from the equilibrium of such different characteristics, such as artisan roots and the current use of sophisticated production technologies, that ITALFUM has managed to find the necessary motivation to draw up and define its corporate strategy. A strategy that enables the company to also provide its customers with small quantities of “tailored” pieces as well as large numbers of standardised products. A corporate strategy aimed at ensuring the full satisfaction of customers in terms of both product quality and fast service.

Sales Network

With one eye constantly focused on market developments and regulations, not only Italian, the company has little by little introduced new types of fume extraction flues such as the "SAFETY QUICKIN LINE" DEP. and the "OVALE IT LINE" system. Besides investing in hi-tech production means, the company has also absorbed new generations and created a managerial staff able to direct the company well beyond 2000. Quite apart from technological capacity in fact, the company is intent on ensuring the reliability and guaranteeing the continuity of its customer relations. Corporate decisions and strategies over the coming years are ambitious and call for not only the ongoing commitment of all personnel, but also an economic and financial effort that ITALFUM has decided to make to continue occupying its lead position in the industry. To back all this, the company has obtained ISO 9001 certification from the prestigious LLOYD'S REGISTER and is activating research and participation in quality seals such as IMQ as a greater guarantee for its customers.

Production Sector

Construction and civil engineering, ceramic and non-metallic products

Business activity

Equipment for prefabricated elements (frameworks,

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