The Company

Autoadesivi Spa was established in Soliera (Modena) in 1981.The company extends over an area of 5,000 square metres, 3,000 of wich is covered. The entire production process takes place inside the company, through the various phases to emboss, metallize and coating the adhesives and cutting into a roll format Autoadesivi Spa thus capable of providing a finished product that meets various costomer requirements. All the plants are dedicated exclusively to working holographic film to ensure a high quality standard at limited costs. In addition to producing holographic film, Autoadesivi Spa has the Know-How to create security and reflective products.

The Products

REFLECTIVE FABRICS AND TRANSFER With Retrolux you can be sure of catching the eye, for your own safety and that of others! Retrolux Fabric and Transfer have a vast range of application in the field of safety, clothing, promotions, fashion and footwear Retrolux products are applied to work clothing, uniforms, helmets, track-suits, rucksacks, trainers, promotional gadgets, etc. CORLITE is the new generation of high efficency retroreflective films for road signs and truck panels. SYNTHETIC FILMS IN SHEETS SELF-ADHESIVE PAPER IN SHEETS Holographic/Diffraction Backgrounds in Polypropylene and Paper Holographic and Diffraction PVC Backgrounds Promotional and Security Self-Adhesive Holograms TYPES OF HOLOGRAMS Autoadesivi s.r.l. manufactures holograms on 80 my PVC and on 40 my polypropylene with 3D - 2D - 2D/3D effect and with personalised images based on customer requests. - The 3D hologram is created from a solid model. It is possible to look around the 3-dimensional hologram and in some cases behind it, therefore creating a spectacular effect. - The 2D hologram is created from photographic films with split colours. The 2D holograms obtained in this manner have well-defined outlines with bright colours. - The 2D/3D hologram is always created from photographic film with split colours. The back and front of the ologram are on different planes, thus creating a three dimensional effect.

Sales Network

Uff. Comm. Italia : Tel. (059) - 85.53.14 Export Department : Tel. ++ 39 - (0)59 - 85.53.15

Production Sector

Printing and graphic art, toys, and sports equipment, miscellaneous household and office

Business activity

Prints, toys, and sports equipment, giftware, household products

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