The Company

Inventagri is the result of a desire to combine 40 years of know-how from the dairy-product and general food sector with the new socio-economic realities world-wide in the agro-zootechnical field. Inventagri is now set to launch into the new millennium by offering solutions in the agro-alimentary industry that are two generations ahead.

The Products

- Autonomous Mobile PolyFood®: Food Pasteurization and Cooking unit Ideal for use applications as: agricultural, zootechnical, pasteurizing, dairy farms and factories, agritourism, tourist villages, camps, home-made, field kitchens, pilot plants, first aid services, relief organizations, Red Cross, etc.- PolyFood® Transfert Stations: Food Pasteurization and cooking unit. For the food and dairy industry.- Round Bale Hay Drier For dairy or meat farms and for hay producers- Complementary Equipments: dairy equipments, packing machines, aging rooms, ecc...- Food Production Units in Containers

Sales Network

For information please contact: INVENTA NUOVE SOLUZIONI TECNOLOGICHE SRL Via Decorati al Valore Militare, 9 41100 Modena Tel. +39 059 510391 Fax +39 059 511062

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Food industry machinery and parts of the same

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