The Company

Intermot S.r.l. is a modern company that has always operated in the Radial Piston Hydraulic Motors field. Having initially made inroads with their Hydraulic motors in the plastics industry, with constant technological development they are now successfully used in all industries.By collaborating with other highly technical and specialised companies Intermot obtains the perfect balance between productivity, quality, and competitiveness without compromising its ability to adapt fully to their clients’ particular demands.

The Products

Intermot S.r.l. produces radial piston hydraulic motors with fix displacement from 100cc to 5400cc, this range will be soon extended to reach the displacement of 8500cc. The production of the two-speed motors is satisfactorily developed. Presently are available the displacements of 1400cc and 800cc. The other displacements can be produced on particular request. Besides, we are developing a new G series of radial piston hydraulic motors with small displacement and high r.p.m. These motors can be used in different applications where is required a high starting torque at low r.p.m. and in case is necessary to reach the high speed. It’s an innovative motor which gives very high overall performance and it is directed to cover a market share up to now ignored by the manufacturers of radial piston hydraulic motors. In the present production there is the displacement of 34cc, but the full range will be from 20cc to 125cc.

Sales Network

In Italy and Europe direct sales to the user and dealer. Extra-cee sales through agent.

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Pumps, Oleodynamic equipment, Valves and servo-val, Engines and turbines

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