The Company

Since more than thirty years TREI has been a key market player in the animal health industry. A staff of most skilled technicians delivers a consistent degree of product innovation as well as high standard of pharmaceutical quality. The manufacturing site consists of a nearly 15,000 sqm sized propriety premise located at Rio Saliceto (RE) where production is carried out through equipment subject to steady over the time to meet even the most challenging product requirements.

The Products

VETERINARY MEDICINES TREI produces a wide range of antibiotics and other antimicrobials either as watersoluble powders or water solutions. TREI offers also injectables medicines for swine and cattle.MEDICATED PREMIX Medicated premixes for pigs are produced by TREI in a granulated presentation or microencapsulated lipogelled matrixes. These unique and advanced solutions (UE patent, US patent) offer: - A higher stability in feed compounds - An ideal control of dusts during milling operations coupled by a significant reduction of any risk of contamination - An improved gastric protection geared to the increase of the bioavailability of active ingredients and feed additives.RUMINANTS ADDITIVES AND NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS As market leader in the microincapsulation technique TREI produces a wide range of microincapsultated active ingredients and feed additives (eg. vitamins and aminoacids) featuring a proprietary rumen by-pass effect marketed as an international patent under the trademark of BIOPASS®. BIOPASS® vitamins and aminoacids BIOPASS® rumen protected deliver the following advantages: - An enhanced stability vs. rumen breakdown - An improved rate of absorption - A higher bioavailabilty and biological action.

Sales Network

On the domestic market TREI's sales network secures a consistent and thorough coverage of the whole territory through agents and distributors supported by veterinary field advisers technicians. TREI sells into export markets through national distributors assisted by an export manager. Technical advisers are also available to contribute the necessary assistance required by foreign customers.

Production Sector

Chemical industry, Foodstuff

Business activity

Pharmaceutical preparations, Animal feeds and livestock farming products

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