The Company

Impernovo is an ISO 9002 certified company which has been operating since 1980 in Italy and abroad in the field of installation of bituminous and synthetic waterproof coverings. It is active in the civil and industrial sectors and specialised in the creation of hanging gardens using the Perligarden system, and in the removal of asbestos concrete.

The Products

Maintenance of coverings. Keeping the waterproof covering of a building in good working order very much depends on periodical maintenance performed by competent and skilled staff. To do this, Impernovo has organised a service involving scheduled visits to customers, for the cleaning, prevention and maintenance of the coverings, also comprising emergency intervention.Hanging gardens We design and install: - green areas - garden corners on newly-built or pre-existing coverings. We are Perligarden system dealers for Emilia Romagna. Civil and industrial waterproofing The systems used for installing on both flat and sloped surfaces are able to ensure a seal and a duration that lasts for many years on any type of building. The installation methods contemplate targeted solutions with ballasted waterproofed coverings, glued and secured mechanically. The major manufacturers of the materials we use are: SARNA, FLAG, NORD BITUMI, IMPER, VETROASFALTO.Waterproofing of tanks A knowledge of the various installation methods with prefab membranes in PVC, HDPE, POLYOLEFINES and BITUMINOUS, have enabled us to complete important works in the hydraulic sector, with the covering of industrial tanks, water storage tanks, reservoirs for animal rearing and irrigation canals. Besides performing the jobs for which they were intended, all these works have proven themselves very reliable and long-lasting.Waterproofing and removal of asbestos concrete Using trained personnel, we are able to carry out the following jobs on sheets of asbestos cement, in accordance with Law 257/92: 1) Complete removal with completion of all paper work according to applicable legislation and delivery to authorised disposal sites 2) Confinement with pre-shaped insulating panels, lightened cement, covering with metal sheets. 3) Encapsulation with specific, certified painting treatments.

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Construction and civil engineering, ceramic and non-metallic products

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Constructions and building and large civil works

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