The Company

Il Bulino Art Publishers, active in Modena since the early 1980s, have been specialising in publishing illustrated art and history books (series "Il Giardino delle Esperidi") and facsimiles of Medieval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts. In this field Il Bulino have become leading publishers in Italy, giving birth to delightful and culturally valuable works, destined to a public of collectors, book and art lovers. Through its series "Ars illuminandi", Il Bulino enables moreover the highlighting and appreciation of the ancient book heritage of public Libraries, usually not within reach.

The Products

Il Giardino delle Esperidi, a collection of history, art and culture books, each amply illustrated. The volumes published are: La Carta del Cantino (out of stock), Xilografia (out of stock), In foliis folia I - Erbari nelle Carte Estensi, In foliis folia II - Giardini e Orti Botanici, Astrologia (bilingual: Italian/English), Gli Estensi -La Corte di Ferrara, Gli Estensi - La Corte di Modena, Le Cacce del Principe. Volumes to be published in the year 2000: The Art of Cartography (bilingual: Italian/English), La Città fortificata, Testimonianze dantesche, Sulla Mensa del Principe, La Legenda aurea, I Codici miniati. Ars Illuminandi, a collection of facsimile editions of illuminated manuscripts. Each edition is accompanied by a commentary and has a world limited printrun. The works published are: De Sphaera, Inventory of the Possessions of Isabella dEste, Genealogy of the Este Princes, The Albert of Brandenburg Prayerbook, The Book of Hours of Renée de France, The Giovannino de Grassis Sketchbook, Apocalypsis Johannis, Liber Physiognomiae. The works in preparation are: The Book of Hours of Alfonso dEste, Claudius Ptolemys Cosmographia, Secular Compositions, The Master of Modena Hours.

Sales Network

The books and facsimiles of Il Bulino can be ordered from the best booksellers or directly from the Publishers:Il Bulino Edizioni dArte srl Via Bernardo Cervi, 80 - 41100 Modena Tel. 059822816 Fax 059822824 Email: ilbulino@ilbulino.comPlease do not hesitate to contact us for information about booksellers and distributors where our works can be found.Documentation kits for each work is available on request.

Production Sector

Printing and graphic art, toys, and sports equipment, miscellaneous household and office

Business activity

Paper and assimilated products (labels, printed ma, Prints, toys, and sports equipment, giftware, household products

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