The Company

DB cares for the good name of our customers seriously and professionaly by producing their graphic, advertising and personalized items with particular attention.

The Products

DB specializes in: - Plastified business cards in four – colour printing with round shaped edges - Business cards in cardboard - File holders - Letterhead printing - Envelops with and without window and strip - Order forms - Leaflets in different size - Advertising folders - Posters, catalogues, booklets - Block notes, post cards - Adhesive labels and advertising banners - Greeting cards ALL ITEMS CAN BE PRODUCED IN ANY SIZE, WITH STANDARD OR PERSONALIZED FEATURES FOR EVERY NEED. DB has a catalogue of more than 500 images to chose from and is furthermore specialized in: - The creation of logos - Photo scanning of logos - Creation of personalized designs - Trick photo reproducion FOR ANY KIND OF REQUEST WE SUBMIT OUR OFFER FREE OF CHARGE.

Sales Network

DB is already strongly working on the Italian market and has the aim to extend the activity over all of Europe. The sales staff of DB work with effort, seriously, and professionaly and they are trained and able to supply the customer with all the necessary assistance with the goal to offer a complete and reliable service. Nevertheless, DB continues to research capable personnel for their sales in the areas still uncovered.

Production Sector

Printing and graphic art, toys, and sports equipment, miscellaneous household and office

Business activity

Prints, toys, and sports equipment, giftware, household products

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