The Company

Hydra, founded in 1990, quickly made a name for itself in the sophisticated field of interior and exterior lighting by concentrating on two fundamental elements right from the start: quality and service! It was not easy or quick to go from this beginning to becoming a reference point in the zone of modena and especially in the zone of carpi for the best know national and international manufactures. In this context the continuous demonstration of the skill and seriousness of the company management and of its irreplaceable collaborators, as well as the use of the most advanced multimedia tools, have been decisive factors. In view of all these qualities it did not take long to win over the clients’ trust; and today Hydra is, without exaggeration, the most well-know domestic and industrial lighting expert, in touch with trends and technical development.

The Products

Our main products are:artemide flos luceplan martinelli martini sames targetti italiana luce, nemo ingo maurer tobias grau kreon fontana arte cini & nils leucos

Sales Network

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Production Sector

Electronics, Electrics

Business activity

Electric and electronic components, Various electric articles (storage batteries, batt

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