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HATZ is synonumous with the motorization of professional working machinery in the following fields: - Construction Machinery - Agricultural machinery - UnitsAt Ruhstorf, over 1000 qualified and motivated employees are manufacturing more than 60,000 diesel engines per year in the range from 3 to 60 kW, along with approx. 2.2 million components for the automotive industry.Our product philosophy is based on three pillars: innovation, quality and proximity to customers, which becomes apparent in the spare part and repair service, and in service staff training courses.At present, the world-wide service network comprises 507 service centres, 14 of which are our own offices and 94 are HATZ agencies.

The Products

- Small diesel engines in the range from 3 to 7 kW, which have been awarded the EUROMOT innovation prize for optimum mixture preparation and exhaust emission quality. The crankshaft is optionally arranged horizontally or vertically (B engine family).- Rugged single-cylinder diesel engines in the range from 4.5 to 11 kW, optionally with 100% balancing of higher-order inertia forces. (D-SUPRA engine family).- Fully enclosed single- and multi-cylinder diesel engines from 2.4 to 56 kW- Multi-cylinder industrial diesel engines from 6.1 to 59 kW.The excellent emission quality has been certified by US-EPA and EU 97/68 CE.

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