G.R.S. S.P.A.

The Company

GRS spa is a company manufacturing spare parts for earthmoving machines, that has been operating in this business for over 30 years. It’s a company characterized by a very high technology . All the parts we supply are made under our strict control because every step of the production is executed inside our factories

The Products

GRS produces spare parts for earth moving machineries. The main products line are :Pumps ( oil pumps, engine oil p., water p., hydraulic p. , high pressure p., gear p., transmission p.) Gears Pins Bushings Carriers Brake groupsPrecombustion chambers Miscellaneas parts All the items listed are produced with machines of high technology to obtain a high quality standard At each stage of the productive process we do a careful check in order to be able to correct immediately any problem.

Sales Network

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Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Machinery for construction and related activities

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