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G.M.C. MACCHINE SRL is an italian firm of proverbial meticulousness, aware that is the quality of its products deserves maximum reliance. The company has been operating in this sector for more than 30 years and alternates its solid presence on the domestic market with intense activities with foreign countries. In many countries worlwide, the G.M.C. Vertical Panel Saws are synonymous with precision and reliability, therefore having a reknown of which G.M.C. is very proud. The continuos research and tests of materials used, the improvements made regarding processing, production control and final testing guarrantees of: QUALITY - PRECISION - RELIABILITY - PRICE: this makes G.M.C. one of the best Vertical Panel saws manufacturers in the world

The Products

MANUAL PANEL SAWS KGS/300 E with 3200 x 1800 mm. useful cut ( 3 versions) KGS/400 E with 4200 x 2100 mm. useful cut ( 3 versions) KGS/510 S with 4300 x 1950 mm. useful cut ( 3 versions) KGS/515 S with 4300 x 2200 mm. useful cut ( 3 versions) KGS/610 S with 5300 x 2200 mm. useful cut (2 versions)For example look for specifications about KGS/ 510 S - 515 S The agile and completely demountable sturdy structure enables the very easy and precise cutting of larges quantities of material. Upper fence in tempered and ground steel allows for processing with minimum cutting tolerances. Sow unit in aluminium casting with steel base. All parts of the machine can be adjusted so as to ensure maximum reliability of all work. Pacesetting technological solutions, tests accurate, safety system in compliance with current standards. The andy inexpensive operating and reliability of this panel saw makes it an indispensable work instrument. Continuos average equivalent acoustic pressure level 74,0 +/- 2 dBa (idling), 82.0 +/- 2 dBa (processing). 3 m intermediate filting support, 3 stops for vertical cuts, horizontal cut repeater, roller conveyor for the sliding of the panelsSEMIAUTOMATIC PANEL SAWS KGS/630 S with 5300 x 2200 useful cut ( 2 versions) (automatc in vertical cut)AUTOMATIC PANEL SAWS KGS/660 S with 5300 x 2200 usefulPANEL SAW WITH ELECTRONIC PROGRAMMER KGS/700 ELECTRONIC SYSTEM 5100 x 2100 mm useful cut ( 3 versions)The continuos research and testing of the materials used, the improved processing, the controls carried out during production and final tests have enabled us to create top-quality vertical panel saws. The agile and sturdy structure, which can be completely dismantled, allows for the extremely simple and precise cutting of large quantities of material. The vertical panel saws KGS/610 S manual version, KGS/630 S semi-automatic version (automatic vertical cut), and KGS/660 S automatic version have been produced with pacesetting hi-tech and with an accurate safety system according to current standards. The continuos equivalent average acoustic radiation pressure 72.0 +/- 2 dBA (idling), 82,0 +/- 2 dBA (processing).SPECIAL TOOLSOn request we produce models with different dimensions and cutting capacity in order to meet any requirement of present and future customers of ours. With any panel saw produced by G.M.C. MACCHINE it is possible to carry out square edging of any type of panel, such as multilayer, plywood, chipboards, and laminated panels, plexiglass, polycarbonate, aluminium, alucobond and compounds in general. All our models have a very strong and steady structure. The operations to be carried out for vertical and horizontal cuts are very simple. The engine assembly is balanced by a counterweight of proper proportion facilitating movements. Engine power varies for each model. It is possible to have engines with higher HP on request. The panel saws of the 300 - 400 - 500 series are equipped with a 250 saw blade with Widia teeth. Depth of cut : 50 mm. for the 300- 400 models; 60 mm. for the 500 ones. The panel saws of the 600 - 700 Electronic System series are equipped with a 300 mm. saw blade and 80 mm. depth of cut. It is possible to install special tools on any of our panel saws for particular processings.

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