The Company

The company is specialised in the production of 20-35 (UNI ISO 185) grey iron castings. The quality system is certified ISO 9002 (TUV). In the last ten years FONDERIA GHIRLANDINA has aimed at new productive investments in the field of environment and human resources. In some instances the company has had a leading role in the introduction of new technologies in Italy and Europe. One of the main scopes of FONDERIA GHIRLANDINA is the improvement of quality achieved through a steady monitoring in order to meet the different requests of customers based upon the various outlet markets. Thanks to its modern plant and to its policy, FONDERIA GHIRLANDINA has now reached high flexibility and competition levels which allow the acquisition of prestigious national and international customers. Our customers operate mainly in the field of hydraulics, gearboxes, power units, tractors, earth-moving machines, and elevators. In order to continuously improve the quality of services offered to our customers, we can supply completely machined castings.

The Products

The foundry is specialised in the production of engineering iron castings. The aim of our market strategy is to meet the different needs of our customers operating in a variety of fields. Keeping this in mind we have developed a differentiated working method. We are reference point for the customers starting from the initial plan of a new product up to its industrialisation. We manufacture prototypes and preproduction items within short notice and with temporary low-cost equipment even made out of wood. Thanks to our modern and extremely flexible installations we are suitable for small, medium and large series. We can offer castings complete with machining due to the fact that we already have signed agreements with specialised machining factories. Our present customers operate in the following fields: - HYDRAULICS: pump casting, oleodynamic distributors, valves, hydraulic engines. - GEARBOXES: hubs, mountings, reduction gear casings. - TRACTORS AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINES: sump-power, takeoff for hoisting devices, gearboxes for engine-driven cultivators. - POWER UNITS: bearing mountings, adapters. - ELEVATOR COMPONENTS: pulleys, brackets, sliding blocks.

Sales Network

For information: Fonderia Ghirlandina S.r.l. Via della tecnica, 72 41010 Saliceto Panaro (Modena) ITALY Tel. 059 283427 - 281535 Fax 059 280808 E-Mail: Http:

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Mechanical Engineering

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Metallurgy products (ingots, etc.)

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