The Company

Though only very recently established, our company can rely on the over thirty years of experience of its component parts. This enables it to operate brilliantly in two different sectors:- DESIGN - IMPORT-EXPORTThanks to its skills in the field of design, GIANEL ITALIA has in fact found numerous outlets in the realisation of works conceived on foreign markets and has consequently found it easy to enter the sales sector of the machine tools required to build its projects.Our company works in conjunction with the Russian firm GIANEL 000, based at Cerepovets (Volodga). E-mail:

The Products

OUR SECTORSDESIGN - wooden houses - renovation projects - interior decorating homes public premises offices showrooms shopsWith special attention given to studying the functional spaces of each environment.IMPORT-EXPORT - wooden houses and accessories - timber in trunks and planks - semi-finished products to order - woodworking machinery - metal working machinery

Sales Network

For information: GIANEL ITALIA di Matteo Filippi Via Gorizia, 2 41023 Lama Mocogno (MODENA) - Italy Tel: +39 348 5279290 Fax: +39 348 5279282 E-mail:

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering, Wood Products

Business activity

Woodworking machinery and parts of the same, Timber and wood products, Various wooden articles

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