The Company

The chemist's shop was established in 1967 and run by Mirella Gualerzi, who graduated at Bologna University in 1954. The business is now being continued by her daughters, also Pharmacy graduates. Laura takes care of skin cosmetics, dietary and health products as well as staff training. She is up-to-date with the latest developments and tries to meet her customers' needs by making them feel good both inside and out. Nowadays a perfect body is de rigueur, as is a groomed appearance, for our own satisfaction as well as that of others. Never forget that your skin, your hair and your body are what you see when you get up in the morning, when you wash, when you get dressed, when you go out, when you meet other people, when you get back home at night … and when you undress in front of your partner you should always look your best, in short, perfect. Now you can visit my site where you'll find ways to help you and your family look and feel good.Here are several beauty kits for the intensive treatment of particular types of blemish or other unattractive phenomena, such as cellulite, couperose, stretch marks, sensitive skin, dry skin, acne, combination skin, oily skin that cannot hold make-up, sagging skin, wrinkled skin, camouflage, varicose veins, capillaries, psoriasis, spa treatments, tired legs, puffy eyes, sagging breasts, breast tone and care of the neck and neckline. At this site you can also find the latest make-up proposals and ways on how to conceal a thread vein, a spot, a skin blemish or a brown spot. Just drop me a line and I'll get back to you straightaway.

The Products

PRODUCTSFACE: detergents, tonics, hydrators, masks, wrinkle-preventing, lips, impure skins, dry skins, sensitive skins, mixed-fat skins, integrators.MAKE-UP: base mask, lips, eyes, hands, make-up detergent removers, movie.BODY: deodorants, hydrators, hardening products, anti-cellulitis, felt and legs, breast, depilation.HAIR: shampoo, antifall treatment, hairdo treatment, capillary diagnosis, integrators.SUN: self-tanning, sun screens, after-sun, integrators.THERMALS: face, body, dermatitis and psoriasis, integrators.BABY: body-care creams, bath, baby sun screens, pregnant women, integrators.MAN: self-tanning, dietetics, hair products, face products, body products, sanitary.CLOTHES: girdles, cuirasses, footwear.OUR ADVICE: the tourist's menu, air travel, travelling with children, pregnancy menu.

Sales Network

Farmacia Centro Commerciale Grandemilia Via Emilia Ovest, 1480 41100 Modena tel. 059 847514 fax 059 847270 e-mail:

Production Sector

Chemical industry

Business activity

Pharmaceutical preparations, Herbalist, soap and products for cleaning and beauty

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