The Company

<b>Factotum - Web marketing and site optimisation services</b> The aim of our services: Factotum guides you and helps you improve your presence on the Internet – we are one of the Internet pioneers in Italy. After 10 years of working in this field, we are more and more convinced that the Web is a fantastic opportunity (for a large part still little used) for anyone who decides to offer its services on the Web: private companies, associations, newspapers or traditional and/or amateur activities - be it for profit or not. That is why we have developed high-level services to achieve an effective presence on the Internet.

The Products

<b>Portal:</b> New optimisation products or services. Customers that have chosen Factotum to come out on top in search engines. Advice to improve your site (and positioning) by Doctor Web.<b>SEO and Web Marketing:</b> Visibility is the main service Factotum S.r.l. offers. Our experts provide all the necessary tools so that you can always get the most out of your site: positioning at the top of the search engines, accurate ROI monitoring, assistance in the realisation of effective PPC campaigns.<b>Online publishing:</b> Factotum has developed its own publishing branch. In this section you will find all the information on Factotum’s publishing activities. Online magazines, sites, portals. Publishing tools to increase your visibility and positioning on the Internet. Discover the sites and portals we have designed. We are certain that you will find at least one that is useful to you! <b>Site improvement</b> Behind its extreme ease of use, the Internet hides a great complexity. We are convinced that many excellent sites are unable to express their full potential because of design errors (sometimes banal) that compromise their effectiveness and usability. Our experts will help you in all the design phases in order to maximise the effectiveness of your investments.

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Factotum srl Registered office: Strada Cavezzo 59 - 41126 Modena (MO) Operating office: Via Giardini 456/C - 41124 Modena (MO) Tel. 059-341000 - Fax. 059-345779 E-mail. info@factotum.it

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