The Company

Eurodental S.n.c., working successfully since 1973 in distribution of dental and electromedical tools uses to satisfy the needs both for dentistry and dental technicians. Visiting its spacious show room and checking its useful catalogue of material, you will receive a charming welcome by an efficient sales personal giving good assistance and services.

The Products

You may also have a large choice of sets and gods, including the most popular and reliable producers: Jeneric® Pentron® with the polycarbonate, Sirona with dental units, x-ray machines, video camera, titanium handpieces for turbines and micromotors, autoclaves. Beside goods for orthodontic are available: resin and ceramics made teeth produced by Vita as well as everything needed to set up a dentistry cabinet a dental technicians laboratory including articles for implantology. All salesnet, deliveries, setting up and technical servicing are carried on carefully. To get more info just check our suppliers web sites, came and visit our shop.

Sales Network

Salesnet and servicing are carried on by experienced and qualified people. We are soledistributor for: Jeneric® Pentron® in Modena, Bologna, Reggio Emilia and Parma; Vita in Modena; Sirona in Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Production Sector

Biomedical Sector

Business activity

Medical appliance and accident prevention products

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