The Company

Founded on the 10th of may 1955 by the brothers Enzo and Arnaldo Muratori, Enzo Muratori S.r.l., Vignola, specialises in the marketing of locally grown fruit: cherries, plums and pears. We operate on 10,000 sq. m. of property with refrigerated fruit stores, both controlled atmosphere and normal cold storage. We also have our own refrigerated trucks for the transport of fruit. We are members of the "consorzio della ciliegia e della susina tipica di Vignola" and of the "pera tipica di Modena"

The Products

All of the fruit marketed is selected and packed by hand by expert staff. Cherries and plums are packed in the orchards as they are picked, to avoid excessive handling which would impair their quality and flavour. Pears are placed in crates which are kept in cold storage. They are not packed until they are purchased in order to give our customer a fresh selected product in the packaging he requires. Selection and packaging take place without interrupting the cold storage. Pears make up 80% of the firm’s business and are marketed for 10 months a year. The firm operates in accordance with ec reg. 2251/92 at n° 61 of reg. ice / italia.

Sales Network

We have a large variety of customers. Both in italy and abroad our product is purchased by wholesalers and importers who operate in the fruit and vegetable markets, by private importers with cold storage facilities, by centralised buyers and supermarket chains. The seconds and some varieties which are not suitable for immediate consumption are sold for processing to distilleries or to fruit juice and puree manufacturers.

Production Sector


Business activity

Fresh fruit and vegetables

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