The Company

Eneas Informatica is manufacturer of an advanced modular graphics system for Designer, Stylist and Colourists, working in the Textile and Clothing industries. Eneas Design Program is the perfect answer for interpreting commercial and technical design ideas, turning them quickly into orders thus increasing Desing Productivity. On the market from 1988, Eneas Informatica continued to invest in research and development obtaining the best quality and one of the best graphic system solutions in this market.

The Products

Eneas Graphic system composed from independent modules, it’s an answer for different requirements. Whether designing jacquard for Knitwear or Hosiery, crating fashion ideas and illustrations for clothing design, accurately recolouring any range of textiles, or making storyboard presentation.Eneas Designer ver. 7.5 Win 98 Powerful design software with free screen user interface Free Hand Design and Design with Grids Pattern Generator ver 7.5 Win 98 Software for pattern creation from repetitive modules Eneas MaskDip ver. 7.5 Win 98 Driver for scanning and Digital Image Processing Standard scanning and variable, in Inches, Millimeters and Needles-Courses Reduction, Unification and Protection of colours, View of colours & Filtering Creation of Masks for Colourways of knitted, printed and woven fabrics Eneas PageStudio ver. 7.5 Win 98 Software for presentation of collections & Colourways Eneas Print ver. 7.5 Win 98 Driver for image format conversion & Printers Driver Eneas ColourWays & Change Yarn Editor ver.7.5 Win 98 Colourways Editor for knitted, printed and woven fabrics Eneas Garment ver. 7.5 Win 98 Software for 3D mapping simulation Eneas SimulaStitch ver. 7.5 Win 98 Software for Stitch Simulation Eneas Stitch Editor ver. 7.5 Win 98 Software for creation & manipulation of stitches Eneas Weaver ver. 7.5 Win 98 Software for weave simulation Eneas Embroidery ver. 1.0 Win 98 Software for embroidery simulation Eneas TexPhile ver. 7.5 Win 98 Software for Database management of collections & Technical Sheets

Sales Network

Sale and support: ENEAS Informatica S.r.l. Via Cardinal Morone, 44 41121 Modena MO Italy tel. +39-059-343574 fax +39-059-358349 E - Mail info@eneas.com

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Textile industry machinery and parts of the same, Office and calculation machinery and printers

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