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With five plants set out along the spine of the appennines, Bonollo Distilleries are among the most important European distilleries in oenological field: they produce about 200 thousand hectolitre absolute units of alcohol and aquavitae per year, equivalent to 50 million bottles at consumer level. The Formigine plant covers an area of 29,000 square metres and comprises administration, ageing warehouses with barrels and vats made of high quality oak from Slavonia and France (total capacity of nearly 150 thousand hectolitres), and a liqueur production department with bottling plants.

The Products

Among the most important productions, which place Bonollo Distilleries as world leader, there is <b>grappa</b>, the exclusively Italian acquavitae; then follows brandy, which is stored in oak vats and barrels holding 230 thousand hectoliters (23 million litres). In order to preserve and refine alcohol and distillates the company has a storage capacity of over 650 thousand hectolitres (65 million litres) in steel tanks. Besides the production of alcoholic beverages, there are also tartaric acid, which in a short time placed the company among the world leaders in that field, and high quality fertilizers and soil enrichers. <b>Grappa and fruit acquavitae</b> Grappa, the noble exclusive Italian acquavitae is obtained by direct distillation of grape skins called marc. To these products we can add the fruit acquavitae, which retain the rich aroma profile of their origin. <b>Brandy</b> However at Bonollo Distilleries brandy enjoyes an ancient tradition and the minimum legal ageing period is considerably exceeded. Therefore today in the Bonollo cellars we can find various amber-coloured jewels dating back several lustra. <b>Alcohol</b> The high versatility and technological standards of Bonollo Distilleries make it possible to extract large quantities of raw, neutral and absolute alcohol from different alcohol-containing products. <b>Grape seeds oil</b> From the tiny seeds held in the grapes pulp, an oil with remarkable nutritional value is extracted. It acts as a non-cholesterologenic agent and contains a lot of vitamins.

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