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Delver has been producing plants and machinery for chocolate for 40 years. Its strong point is the capacity for producing not only standard plants, but also special installations tailored to the customer’s needs for the new products a market in ferment now demands with greater and greater frequency. This continuous research and development of new technologies, combined with vast experience, makes Delver world leader in its sector, with completely automatic and high-technology plants, and allows it to include the most prestigious brands amongst its customers.

The Products

CHOCOLATE PLANTS MIXER-REFINER-CONCHE produces chocolate and cream starting from cocoa liqueur or powder. MIXER-REFINER Type I.R. for low output of chocolate and cream starting from cocoa beans or roasted nuts and for waste production recovery. UNIVERSAL TRADITIONAL MOULDING PLANTS for any solid and filled chocolate articles. "ONE SHOT" PLANTS for the production of solid and filled chocolate articles by means of simultaneous dosing of filling and shell: small and large articles, bars, balls etc. INJECTION PLANTS for the production of two-sided chocolate articles filled with cream or liqueur. The centre filling is injected into the shell through a small pre-formed hole. PLANTS FOR HOLLOW FIGURES such as chocolate eggs in one and two colours. PLANTS FOR CHOCOLATE DROPS. LAYER PLANTS for automatic production of cut chocolate articles in one or more layers such as: cremini (layer articles), bars with nuts, coins and many others. MELTING AND STORAGE TANKS. CHOCOLATE FILTERS AND PUMPS. TEMPERING MACHINES. DEPOSITORS AND DOSERS. COOLING TUNNELS.

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