The Company

CRP Technology is one of the most famous and representative firm in the key areas of racing and International teams take advantage of its long experience in F1, MotoGP and WRC (World Rally Championship). Today, when performance and results are required, when innovative capability, quality, service and skills are necessary, CRP is one of the preferred partner in technical racing area. Who is searching for the victory on streets and world circuits has found in CRP innovation, flexibility, availability and cooperation. But most of all, passion and talent. This is the boost that allows CRP to give always the best and to offer quality, hi-tech, best performance, functional and cool design.

The Products

Selective Laser Sintering technology, applied to Rapid Prototyping, has found new technically advanced applications thanks to CRP Technology research conducted on new materials and in new working methods areas. Windform™ based materials, all covered by technological patents, have been developed in this way. Titanium alloys were already well known in aerospace and petrochemistry sector, for offshore station. Titanium alloys were also used in F1 for machined or fabricated parts, but had never been used for castings with RP patterns. CRP introduced for the first time in the world the Titanium Rapid Casting.

Sales Network

Rapid Prototyping, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology, new materials research, which characterizes CRP since 1996 and that make her the today's point of reference for composite SLS materials, allowed to reach the precious ALM partnership, young and innovative company, born thanks to the best Engineers and Technicians team in the RP area. ALM is now also the WINDFORM materials distributor in USA and Canada market. We are proud to say that CRP has also reached the Japan market thanks to the Aspect partnership. Aspect is the biggest SLS service bureau in Japan and is also selling SLS materials and technical support.

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering, Motorsport and other transportation means

Business activity


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