The Company

Traditional production skills have been integrated with new global process management skills. CPL Concordia pinpoints and answers the requirements of its customers with a careful eye on quality. The services provided by CPL Concordia are the result of top skills and experience in tackling the entire range of problems relating to energy management, in whatever condition these occur.

The Products

PROD Construction of networks The experience accumulated in over 30 years of activity in laying natural gas pipelines and water system networks enables CPL Concordia to tackle any job, whatever the size and type, very quickly and using state-of-the-art technologies.The name STAI distinguishes a complete range of services, technologies and after-sales assistance modules for the better management of gas and water networks. STAI embodies research, service, state-of-the-art technology and planning and implementation skills all based on CPL Concordia's great experience. STAI represents an unparalleled and precious "tool bag" at the disposal of local authority and municipal company gas and water departments and organisations, owners and engineers of industrial companies, designers, consultants and work managers facing any sort of problem.ENERGIES For all state companies and organisations, CPL Concordia is the ideal partner for the global management of energy services. CPL Concordia tackles the energy needs of its clients in a global manner, finding integrated solutions that prevent the wastage often caused by fragmentary and partial management. CPL Concordia is a reliable partner, able to provide its clients with the necessary cultural, technological and organisational skills in a coordinated and continuative manner. CPL Concordia favours the professional growth of clients in terms of their energy resources through clear and thorough reporting. CPL Concordia reduces the red tape associated with client relations to the utmost thanks to the' "Energy Manager", a constant point of reference for all requirements. CPL Concordia ensures the completion to standards of the systems and their subsequent management and maintenance, acting as "Third Manager" towards control Institutes in conformity with Presidential Decree no. 412. At the beginning of each year, CPL Concordia provides clients with a precise estimate of the energy costs required to upgrade and rationalise system operation. CPL Concordia simplifies the client's administrative management, by sending a single year-end invoice showing all the normally split-up costs. CPL Concordia has an extensive network of offices throughout Italy to ensure highly efficient and prompt service.SYSTEM MANAGEMENT Over recent years, CPL Concordia has excelled above all as a manager of gas and water networks. Through intense "management activities on behalf of third parties" the company has made a name for itself as a service distributor. For the past ten years, CPL Concordia has been directing its efforts towards the management of licensed networks. This service, provided to nearly 70,000 gas and water consumers, is managed by a specific department established as part of CPL Concordia, whose job it is to coordinate services in over 50 municipalities, from Piedmont to Sicily.QUALITY CERTIFICATION DET NORSKE VERITAS QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATE Certificate No: CERT-02840-98-AQ-BOL-SINCERT.This is to certify that THE QUALITY SYSTEM OF CPL CONCORDIA S.c.a.r.l. Via A. Grandi, 39 - 41033 Concordia sulla Secchia (MO) - Italy HAS BEEN FOUND TO CONFORM TO THE QUALITY SYSTEM STANDARD UNI EN ISO 9001; 1994 (ISO 9001; 1994)

Sales Network

HEADQUARTERS Concordia SUB-OFFICES Bologna - Milan - Rome - Sant'OmeroWe also have sub-offices covering most other parts of the country.

Production Sector

Construction and civil engineering, ceramic and non-metallic products

Business activity

Constructions and building and large civil works

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