The Company

Commerciale Fond, placed on an area of 8.000 mtq. of which 3.000 mtq. are covered, trades Cast Iron Bars, Sheets and tubes, Aluminium, Bronze, Brass and other metals, Investment Castings in Steel thanks to the " Lost-Wax System "; we offer a cutting service of bars and sheets made at measure through disk and band numerical check programming saws. We act on behalf of nine italian foundries which produce Cast Iron and Aluminium Castings. From November 1997 our Quality System gained from the "Italian Lloyd's Register " ( RINA ) the Conformity Certificate according to the ISO 9002:94 rules.

The Products

We trade the following products, available in our stock: Grey and Spheroidal Cast Iron produced through the continuously casting system in round, square and rectangular bars. Aluminium in standard alloys realised in sheets, plates and round, square, rectangular bars, tubes and centrifugated tubes till Ø 3.000 mm. Bronze in standard alloys realised in round, square and rectangular bars, tubes, also centrifugated, till Ø 3.000 mm. Nikel Bronze 25% and 35% for the alimentary field. Brass in round, square, rectangular, hexagonal bars and tubes. Investment castings produced through the " Lost-Wax System " in all alloys of stainless and common steels. Cast Iron castings produced through green, shell-moulding, sand and resin moulding machines. On the whole above mentioned material we offer a cutting service developed thanks to three band saws and a disk one, all authomatically moved, with numerical check programming and decimal cut tolerance; indeed we effect the cutting of disks obtained from aluminium sheet till Ø 1.200 mm. and cutting of sheets with band-saw till a thickness of 300 mm.

Sales Network

Commerciale Fond's activity is developed thanks to qualified people who work inside the Company and can answer to any technical or commercial request; we offer the collaboration of our external Agents who are at disposal for assistance to be done directly to the Italian Clients. Managers of the different working fields: Cast Iron: Marco Maletti and Liviana Lollini Non-ferrous metals: Roberto Sighinolfi Investment casting: Comm. Romano Maletti Foundry: Marco Maletti

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Metallurgy products (ingots, etc.)

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