The Company

C.M.F. has been manufacturing plants and automation for the ceramic industry for 20 years. Its production consists in the manufacture of mixing and batching systems plants for the production of porcelanized stoneware, as well as automation systems for the handling of raw and fired material, including special plants

The Products

Our products are Dosage and powder batching plants. Special machinery for dry and wet granulation. Plants for powder and granulate extraction, homogenisation and press feeding. Double loading press feeding system. Roller - type units collecting tiles from the press. Orthogonal conveyor deflectors. Tile group forming devices. Loading and unloading machines for all kinds of dryer and kiln. Storage plants (box, frame or car type). Palletizing units. Compenser and systems for special parts. Brushing-polishing machines for raw and fired material. Atomized powder mixers. Press car feeding units. Atomized Powder recovery sets. Premixers for mills (continuous and discontinuous type). Vacuum system conveyors. Frame conveyors. Storage maxicompenser installed in front of the kiln loading machine. Manual sorting lines. Connection lines to smoothing machines. Handling and automation of special parts. Special machinery for porcelain tiles treatment and polishing.

Sales Network

For further information please contact the company directly. Customer service and spare parts services are run by specific internal structures.

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Electrics

Business activity

Machinery for the ceramics and marble processing i, Lifts, conveyors, cranes, elevators, internal auto, Measurement and control instruments and scientific

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